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    * SENS8™

    * Back Auto Scan

    * L-Track

    * Automatic Recline and Zero Gravity

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Model OHCO R.6
Automatic Sessions 12 Sessions
Manual Sessions 7 Sessions
Typical Session Duration ~18 Minutes
Roller Track Type L-Track
Roller Type 4D
Chair Dimensions Upright: 62.5” (158.75 cm) L x 33” (83.82 cm) W x 47” (119.38 cm) H
Reclined: 73.75” (187.33 cm) L x 33” (83.82 cm) W x 38.25” (97.16 cm) H
Seat Width / Depth 21" (53 cm) / 17.5" (45cm)
Chair Weight 304 lbs
Outer Cover High-Grade Synthetic Leather
Power Supply AC 120V
Rated Power 200 W
Rated Frequency 60HZ
Shipping Dimensions / Weight Box 1: 60” (152.4 cm) x 31.5” (80.01 cm) x 36.75” (93.35 cm) / 308 lbs
Box 2: 60” (152.4 cm) x 20.5” (52.07 cm) x 24.75” (62.87 cm) / 122 lbs
Recommended User Height 5’ 0” (155 cm) to 6’ 5” (193 cm)
Recommended User Weight 265 lbs (maximum)


At the core of the R.6 lies the technology to transform your entire state of being. Our proprietary Sens8 engine is designed to deliver intuitive and lifelike massage. In addition to basic movements, the Sens8 4D engine uses advanced massage algorithms to mimic the hand movements of a massage therapist.


The R.6 was imagined as a Mid-Century Modern statement piece designed to integrate perfectly in any well-appointed living space. As a massage chair, it is discreet—and yet as a room fixture it demands to be put on display.


Like a shiatsu master examining the curvature of your spine, the Back AutoScan reads your body structure and selects the appropriate shiatsu points for your neck, back and glutes.


Imprinted with the wisdom of Okabayashi sensei, the L-Track system mimics the unique shape of your body and releases tension throughout your entire back—beginning at your neck and moving down to your lumbar spine and glutes.


The R.6 automatically reclines as far back as 157° to distribute even pressure with each soothing massage movement. The R.6 also offers a zero gravity recline that cradles your body for maximum comfort while improving circulation, increasing lung capacity and gently decompressing the lumbar spine.