New "Nano Technology" Magic Polishing Nail Bar


* Magic Polishing Nail Treatment

* Ten seconds of investment, sparkling hands, and feet

* Make your hands and feet shine easily and safely

* Health Environmental Protection Non-Toxic



  Q'ty  5000  10000  25000 50000
  Pricing $1.44 $1.39 $1.34 $1.29

More details

Twice every two weeks, in ten seconds, hands and feet that sparkle.

* A person who loves a neat style gives you neat hands and feet with a short time investment once every two weeks without having to work for hours.

* A nail bar that has 10 seconds to round the corner of the nail and rubs the surface to polish it, making it look like it has been caged.

* Three troublesome steps to exfoliate, remove and moisturize as a single step.

*  A new filling bar to remove the skin from the heel as long as you rub it.

* It started beauty care with a new filing bar that has increased usability by expanding the area but is not as if it



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